Tuesday, 24 July 2018


I’m so angry. About life about everything. Why and how are people so stupid? You reply and leave me out of it. I have no friends because I chose not to dwell on relationships. I’m not a relationship person so I’m going to end up old and alone. Idk what my standards are but old and alone is my future. Maybe a few cats. Fuck knows with nursing I can’t handle the maths side of as I’m too darn thick so fml there. Ditched uni today and just watched greys anatomy now been in bed since 7 because why not? Bed is the only place I can be myself. I can lie here and know nothing is perfect, I can solve life issues and I can kinda relax. Yes I’m s hermit yes I look forward to bed time but fuck what else do I have? Unibtomortow. Kmn I’m so sick of bulkshit. I keep meeting shitty people but I want to fit in but then apart of me doesn’t care doesn’t get involved in politics. I think maybe I should just be a carer and go no where else in life so I’d have more time to sleep. They don’t like me at work anyway. I need to just get rid of myself and stop burdening everyone. Fuck I’m a burden on the system 

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