Sunday, 17 June 2018

Conspiracy theory

Have you ever stopped and considered life? Today I watched “the voice” and a DJ won, like how controversial is that and it got me thinking that life is just one big conspiracy. All of it. Think politics, movies, opinions all go pursuade you go their views, and for what? Racism???Facism? This is bullshit. We have freedom of speech but do we really? Australia is a lucky country and I’m proud to be here. I just feel so depressed for places where you can be condemned for what you believe, what you wear and what you say. This world is s depressing place. 
I’m in the middle of a quarter of a century life crisis too. I feel like my biological clock is ticking like I’m almost 25 and from my past anorexia illness it has made me infertile or so I believe so I’m thinking it will take me a long time to fall pregnant so by the time I fall pregnant I will be over 30 and will I be a nurse by then? I have no idea I mean I don’t have money for a child but will I ever have the money? Why am I thinking these things? Can we ever make a difference in life is our sole purpose to reproduce? That’s all we are and all we will ever be. 

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