Tuesday, 31 May 2016

So confused.

Im doing really well lately but I want and feel like the next step in my life is to find a partner. I'm not patient enough to wait for it to happen I believe k have to go out there and get it. Now that my Ed is under control I don't know what's so wrong with me. Is it that I'm crazy? My past history is s little phsyco but is that all? So I've sent a few people mainly boys messages to ask what's so wrong with me so I know how to fix it and find someone to love. All this is stuff is so hard when you're not at school surrounded by people so this is all I know how to do. Ive been watching way too much one tree hill but it's so good. Makes me feel inadequate and underdeveloped but in time hopefully I can fix that. Who am I kidding though I am a phsyco but will show who had the guts to confirm it 

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