Sunday, 22 May 2016

4 days out

Day 4 on the outside and I'm back to depression. First time listening to music in 3 weeks and I think it's making the depression deeper. Made a playlist of songs that shaped my musical mind in early adolescence. From mcr, 30stm, Eskimo joe and p!atd. I'm really tired. This is who I really am. No amount of drugs can change that but I'll take them anyway. My eyes are fading now. I don't want to gain weight and be fat but I have no choice. I want a boob job and it's the only way. I need to save at least 10,000. Hoping I can claim off my house insurance or my parents. I will get this surgery if it kills me. If I can't be skinny anymore at least I can have self confidence within myself. For me to be happy and feel like an actual woman! It's all I want and it's possible. I'm going to start a go fund me account to get the ball rolling.... Best be off then 

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