Monday, 28 March 2016

Stupid people

I recently reached out to people I haven't seen or spoken to in a while and they rudely ignore me and don't reply. Which just makes it awkward when I see them down the street. I've done nothing wrong and yet I'm forced to feel like an idiot and like its my fault. Then if I happened to go and kill myself they would come to my funeral and be all upset. But while I'm alive they couldn't give a shit. It's just stupid. They are stupid and selfish. You wonder why people commit suicide and you blatantly ignore them and dousing care less otherwise while they're struggling and just wanted to say hi. I mean I would rather them message back and say I don't want to catch up then just ignore me. And one of them owes me their job. My old supervisor didn't like this person and said her resume was boring and didn't stand out compared to all the rest so I was nice and talked it up and got her the job because I'm a good person and that's what people do. Then another friend I have my old iPhone cos she was really struggling so then she hacks into my family's wifi and uses our internet and never speaks to me again. If she sees me down the street she literally looks the other way. 
I don't know why I bother honestly. 

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