Tuesday, 15 March 2016


here I am again. I meant to post this the other night but didn’t get around to it. I havent got around to much lately. One of the patients at work made a rude comment that I didnt know what i was doing. The sad thing is she was right. The other workers stood up for me and told me its not true and that im a good worker but the comment still hurt. I know i shouldnt of taken it to heart but I did. It bascialy just reinforced how i feel in life which is lost and confused like i dont know what im doing. I feel hopefless and alone though Im surrounded by family. Isn’t it funny how you know one thing but feel another dispite knowing whats real. I dont know. I am not making sense at all. I just have no idea whats what and whos who. I have my psychatrist appointment later today which im dreading because I havent done anything sahe has asked me to do so all i will be doing is lying. I hate lying but im so afraid of the repercussions which is hospital. Im not ready for hospital no way. now lunch is being served and I just want to skip it but I cant so I might as well have it early and get it out the way. I dont know what Im doing and I don’t know what else to say so lets just leave it there.

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