Tuesday, 15 September 2015

You win again anorexia.

You win again anorexia. I was procrastinating making the call but I found the courage to call in to work sick. I am still in hospital and staying an extra night that I did not see coming. I didn't realize the damage I have been doing to my body and it's starting to get to me the power and how severe this problem is becoming. It's making me sick. Sounds silly but I don't see myself as sick and yet here I am. All I have done is eat and sleep today and that's been exhausting enough. A friend said to me today my earring dissorder is holding me back and she is absolutely right. It is holding me back it's made this strong, confident, extroverted woman into a shy timid introverted girl who is afraid of the future and Regrets the past. 
What has become of me? Is this all I am? A number on a scale? 

My hair is oily and my roots are full of dandruff. I am one big hypocritical explanation. I feel like a wreck. I look like death. I am a mess. Will God have mercy on my soul or will I burn in hell. So far it's hell on earth. 
You win this round anorexia but look out round 2. Sarah is starting to wake up to all your lies. Your nothing but a back stabber. I know your tricks and pain you cause. I feel the hunger the rage you out upon me. Now you better watch out! Get  out of my way! Ima coming!

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