Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Pharmaceutical nutjob.

Let me start by saying jakshfhjfkemsnxbhcjdkejcjcnskskjf!! I am sick I am furious and I am unforgiving. 

My mum confessed to me today that my old bosses didn't want me working for them anymore because of my "mental breakdown" and overdoses they thought I would steal stuff. I worked there for 5 years. You would think a little trust could be implied but no only backstabbing. Despite all the nights I stayed back and worked, all the mornings I came early that I didn't get paid for but I did cos that was my job and I wanted to help people. You would think if anyone could understand mental illness it would be a community pharmacist. But no, all I recieved was continual judgement. All the work I took home was a joke. All my study was a complete waste of my time at their gain. Besides if I wanted to overdose from drugs I had enough in my own stash, I don't need to steal. I'm a good Christian girl. Now I know for sure everything I buy from there I am being judged. 
I am furious and feeling quite ill that I put my heart and soul in to my work and they couldn't give a fuck and swept me out the door as quick as they could. And to think I was considering going back there! their entire set up is a joke. Everyone who works there hates it with good reason. I'm sorry I put everything into it and I now feel a fool. A complete fool for wanting to do good and help customers with my health and wellness knowledge. Well stuff you and stuff your pharmacy. I'm in a job now that I love and help real people as a nurse. Make a real difference in the world. Plus I work less and get paid twice as much. 
Now what I need to do is forget this pharmacy nonsense and put it behind me. This news is already 2 years old but I felt the need to express it through blog. The only safe place I have. And if someone from the pharmacy ever reads this I can see where you were coming from but seriously you just couldn't get me out of there fast enough which I felt and was rude and my biggest regret is that I didn't do the dirty on you and only give you two weeks notice. Which just proves my loyalty that I gave notice 6 months before I left. But oh how did you respond? That's right by cutting my hours. You run the most stressful up in clouds joint and need to get your feet back on the ground. You are not God so stop acting like it. 

Thanks for listening to my rant. Now I'm listening to my parents scream fighting in the background adding to my stress level . FML. 
Sarah out. 

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