Monday, 14 September 2015

A safe place

I created a tumblr account. As sarecopeland but I don't feel comfortable using it. It feels too open, just not right. I can't express myself there as much as I can here with my previous devious posts. So I will start again and post here. At this current time I have no followers and that's fine by me I'm not doing this for followers or to change the world, I'm looking for a place to vent without filter. Previous posts from my tumblr read : 
Am I really anorexic?
Anorexia is hard work. It doesn’t come easily. Other than being mentally and physically exhausted 100% of the time. You can’t sleep you can’t think. And I’m only experiencing this with a BMI of 15. Most real anorexics are BMI 12 or less. I’m no where near. Rough journey ahead. I suck at this. Every day is a bigger disaster than the next. Does anorexia make you smart or stupid because you’re doing stupid things for one reason to lose weight which is stupid. Yet most anorexics are smart with good grades. What is wrong with me. I thought I had anorexia but clearly I don’t.


Sunshine and smiles?
Sunshine and smiles my ass. I’m no where near smiles and sunshine. Bloody hypocrite. This whole thing is bullshit. Yes I’m negative tonight okay. I’ve had enough wjdjfidiejjcjjccjjdjskskdkcjjdjd blah blah blah all I do is talk. I’m stupid, useless, a hypocrite, a freak big fat whale

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