Monday, 17 March 2014

Love and happiness.

Wo my horoscope keeps telling me about my relationships are so good and true. Does my horoscope know I have BPD? I have no emotions. I don't believe in love or  happiness. I can believe in the unconditional kind. But not the other. Love is taken too seriously and happiness? Who the hell knows what that means. Ha what a joke. You got me good world. I'm flying through on a low radar without detection. I can't feel your love or the fact you care. Your prayers don't reach me as God has put me in this position. I don't blame anyone but myself. I think I am possessed at times. And Anna, her voice has changed, her taunts and luring me in. Just a little bit here and there. Control of the uncontrollable is all I can hope for. Connection? I don't any connection to this pityfull world. The more people I talk to th more I know I'm different and should just stay alone. I used to like stringing people along and hurting them but now relationships are an all for most they are too deep. They scare me in a way because even if you knew the bad in me there is still the worse I can't share. I'm only going to hurt more people th more I accociate with. I've known this all to a long time. Now I'm blabbering. To cut or not to cut is the question. 

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