Monday, 10 March 2014

Face down.

It seems the harder I try, the further I fall. 
When I try I hang on I go numb. 
Dissocosiate? Please, I was never connected. 
You look me up, I couldn't notice. 
See my scars, they keep me afloat? 
Why do this? It's all I know. 
I can't stop, I don't want to. 
Hurt myself, constant pain is my life:
You know not what emotion can do when your detached from a soul.

When something is stolen from you, your left empty, deprived, sick and torn. What could make it worse ? When worse is the limit. 
Don't stalk me, as I can find my way around you, This thing is stronger then you. 
Hold me back it will push you down. 

You can only fall as far as the floor. Dear child, you know not what you say. 

I rest my eyes for another day. 
My heart aches still, 
See you in hell. 

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