Saturday, 17 August 2013


instinct. The sixth supposed sense. Is it a sense? or is it an inheritable belief of something more, something far beyond our comprehension.

I ask of this sense as few learn to recognise it and use it. Whether it's “I have a funny feeling” or “This doesn't feel right”, both leading to more conscience based feelings but still a sense leading further. A sense you cannot control. A talent maybe?

I know I am watching a good film if part way though catching my breathe I happen to think 'What if?“ some of the things you see are not far from the truth. What if we are all part of something, something much bigger than our comprehension. I believe we are. There is too much in this world to go on faith alone. You need a belief for if we had no belief we would have no purpose and no purpose would strive us to live a life.

We are intended to be here. And we all have a plan. Nothing just happens. Every death affects someone. Every birth is a mark.

Please God forgive us our sins.

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