Saturday, 17 August 2013

Home alone in the country.

half my family is in the USA on holidays in the summer time and i am here in the winter eating to try and  stay warm. the wind here is awful and the weather is unpredictable.

I thought i was happy at first I was alone but it feels depressing now. Perhaps is I focus on the positives things will go right. I have a carer coming to see me once a week to make sure I am coping, I rather a carer than going into respite.

It is half time in the AFL I am watching and is already majority of what I have done all day being eating and watching TV. 

For once I don't really have anything bad enough on my mind to complain about. I am more thankful for the things I do have. They say money cant buy everything, well how do you get friends cos they don't grow on trees and in the meantime of finding then at least you have possessions to make you smile.
Perhaps it is BPD but if I am stressed I go shopping. Not the best idea for my finances but its good just to look as well. The things you see, the ideas that come to your mind the experience is wholesome and consuming and you usually leave happy with a bargain or special with something expensive. How you someone not like new items?
Tomorrow is a new day. A gift really. A second chance. Use it wisely. 

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