Monday, 1 July 2013

Why? When? Die?

Why me? Why now? Why anything at all?
Question after question we ask ourselves; do really ever find answers? Or just quick solutions that will mask the wound for now. The brain is constantly comprehending. 
People ask how can there be a god when terrible things happen? Because there would be no such thing as good things if we didn't have a comparison to bad. Comprehend that. 
I don't man to force my beliefs on anyone but I love sharing the word of God and I try and let his love shine through me. 

Why regret? Such as tattoos. At the time seemed a good idea but we are constantly changing so what was good is not so anymore. Comprehend that. 

The world is such a titanic ferocious yet delicate balance. We are all common. We are all people. And eventually we all die.   

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