Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Meal of horror

I'm sorry my blog doesn't have a story line to make it sound interesting. When I apologize I'm saying it to the Blog, because to me the Blogspot site is like a friend, as wouldn't any friend you don't know well would share useless information on the internet, especially about someone silly enough to confess it. 

So today. I got told by my doctor if i dont gain weight this month he might put me in hospital cos im low in everything and its beginning to effect my organs. Little did he know i was wearing heavy clothes and had just drank a liter of water and soup before weigh in. I don't think I will go to hospital I think I will just try to maintain weight because then isn't it not Anorexia if I can stay a weight not constantly losing? I don't think I have a problem. I'm not that obsessed. I want to stay in control and I know control of eating is a symptom but I really don't see it being a problem. I would look better I think if I was skinnier. I hate many parts of me especially thighs but I noticed today whilst trying to do sit ups which didn't hurt as I was sore from the night befores, that I could get my fingers under my ribs and hold it if I sucked my gut in. Weird. So I've decided maybe try to get my nutrients up by whey based weight loss shakes as they maintain, gain and lose depending on how you use it but it scares me to think If its enough calories for tea how can it be for breakfast? Wouldn't a coffee be better for the stimulating caffeine and appetite suppressing? Very confused and unsure how to approach tomorrow. 

Until we meet again. 
Yesterday's forgotten, tomorrow a mystery and today a surprise. That's why it's called a present. (Emily Roosevelt I think... Don't quote me on that )

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