Saturday, 6 July 2013

8 days before the unconditional superficial hour.

Only eight days until I turn the big  2 0. Honestly it doesn't excite me in the slightest. It is just like any other day in the year. Yet when it is someone elses birthday I try hard to help them think its the one day of the year about them and make it special. Is it I don't deserve a birthday or is it a reminder I have no friends but only family to celebrate with. Family Is better then what some people have and last year I confessing to my aunt how I felt about the upcoming day she said well it can just be a nice day for the family to be together, and I couldn't agree more. Only lately I believe because of my intense in patient therapy am I starting to control my borderline personality. Turning negatives into positives and it is giving me hope. Something I have not had in years. I may not have friends but I also think things are easier without friends. If I really wanted some I could find some so really I only have myself to blame. 

I am so blessed to have my family. They are a group of fantastic beings and I'm so proud to be apart of it. My parents are my idols. I can't express the words of gratitude, honour and love I have for them. It may not be how I feel because I get confused of tying emotions to named, it may not be how I think I should feel or how I show how I feel but it is what I think. And that's the truth.
I don't believe in lucky, but I am lucky, very lucky. My parents are the best people in the world. Both intelligent loving and whole. We all have our demons and I have now learnt to crept that. Accepting doesn't mean I agree but I acknowledge this. 

I have allergies. And they have left my face this last week in hives and rashes. It hurts and looks very sore. I consider myself fortunate. Pole still have worse conditions that won't resolve themselves.mi know mine will heal but others with conditions such as psoriasis or eczema will continue to suffer greatly. 

My working with the elderly this last two weeks has also opened my eyes to a whole new world but I will leave that open for another blog. If you do know someone elderly, family or not I would encourage you to go see them. You may think its awkward and uncomfortable but an old person is just happy to have someone sit next to them, to listen to them or better yet play an instrument. If you feel awkward the old person does not because they have so many thoughts going on in their heads from possibly memories or motives that they don't even realise you have stopped talking. That or they didn't hear you! Old people have a sense of humour to. 

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