Friday, 7 June 2013

Suffocating emotions consuming the dead and the alive.

Remember when you went to primary school and the teachers and your parents, all the adults you looked up to told you, you could be anything you wanted? We all wanted to be veterinarians, doctors, nurses and other noble career choices. Little did we understand the ever-growing stair case of life we were climbing. 
I can't say if I could go back to a simpler time I would because then I would have to go through so much again. Life is as long as you live it. Oh and what's that? I have the word definition now of oxymoron. Emphasis of the moron as that's what I've grown up to be. I'm a moron. I'm a pathetic bitter  disappointment and I pray for forgiveness every day.

There are things I could say or things I could do that may lead to happiness but thy only last so long. I don't want to grow up but not wanting to grow up is when you do grow up because you realize the missing simplicity of life and the innocence of sense. 

A leopard can't change it's spots and yet a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly. Change is life. But growing up to only die young doesn't make sense. None of my rambling makes sense and yet I continue type and avoiding stopping and really think about my shame. 

I'm about an inch away from cutting my hair off. Why? Well why not? Hair grows back eventually. Another change that cancels out. 

Does life cancel out? Take a time out? Does life give us the time of day? Life can give us something to believe in, something to lose and memories if you dare make them. 

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