Monday, 24 June 2013

My ears are burning. Who's guilty?

It seems to be always at night right while I am trying to fall asleep that I think to blog but then the effort to do so and light that would shine in my eyes is unbearable.

I have not been up to much. I still cannot bring myself to read books though I have watched many many films over the last few days majority of which were horror. my mind is in a bit of a conundrum from all the witches and spirits and demonic things the mind can think, but it was only today whilst watching World War Z in 3D in cinema that I found myself taken a step back. I am a zombie fan when it comes to 'The Walking Dead' and it always plagues me how when the apocalypse happens, "the dead will rise". It is comforting to know Brad Pitt will survive the zombies but the film was too much like "2012" just escaping in the nick of time. Anyhow it got me thinking though, what would I do in a zombie apocalypse? I don't have a gun and I don't think I could have much energy to run. Because all these films are in America they have so many more weapons and defence forces than us so of course they will be the first to tackle...
I have officially been mind fucked. No more movies, please. Apart from the most recent Harry Potter film on TV. The plan has worked though watching so many films and upping sodium valproate have stopped my brain having abusive dreams.

Over the last week I have actually begun to appreciate my family and see how lucky I really am. I wont go into the corny humble crap because honestly you need to be in the mood to do that and I don't think I am other than when I am about to sleep.

I have begun to play the piano again and violin again. Music and the way you play is a great time consumer and brain teaser. Always feel smarter after doing either.
Playing an instrument is like driving a manual car, it's an art.

I'm sorry. When I have something worth blogging about, I'll be back.
Don't hold your breathe. Peace x

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