Monday, 20 May 2013

Disney Blab

I blogged earlier about a certain band shaping my life in a way and helping me cope with the wounds of the world. Another contributing factor that makes me who I am is I proudly say Disneys 'The Lion King'. In a way haven't all the Disney movies and dreamworks raised us ninety kids in a way. They were friends we could keep forever and still can, when we are down we can put in an old video and be brought back to simpler times when we weren't aware of War, crime or emotional pain. Let Disney be our refuge.

I watched that damn Lion King movie so many times, more than knowing the words to the songs or the animals and importance of the storyline which is typical, Good triumphs over evil. I learnt the meaning of life through the circle of life. Bad things happen in life and there's nothing you can do about it, so why try? is what Simba learns then comes along Nala and convinces him to take his rightful place as king. This gives Simba hope and he realises family is important as in obligation to his pride. I failed to take this part of the story. Whether Simba was on the right or wrong side its almost similar analogy to aim low and avoid disappointment/Don't try and avoid problems/pretending you don't know something is easier then dealing with it. I became a liar. My parents probably knew, my family probably knew, as I was a copy cat then trying to grow up only tried to amount to other people. I have always been happier by myself, you can't trust anyone else. All the faces I've lied to and I don't really care. It's in the past and you can't change the past.
I am not sure if I'm trying to blog a point or what I am trying to do.
My life seems so sad and yet I have so much more then people worse off.

You can compare yourself to the richest in life and feel like you have nothing, or you can look at the poorest in life and say you have everything.

One quote that also stays with me, I can't remember exactly how it goes, it's in the Bible somewhere I believe but when your scared of what's in front of you and ashamed of what's behind you, look up and let God guide you.

Peace, Sarah-Kate 

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