Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fading in the dark.

Once upon a time there was a girl, lets name her Scarlett. Scarlett wasnt fat, she was healthy, she had beautiful long blonde from the sun hair, she liked to water ski, hydroslide, run cross country and netball. She was sporty but querky. Scarlett could talk to anyone and make friends day in and out. She never had "normal" friends to be with every day because she was a little weird. She was energetic and spontaneous. People always left Scarlett's world, she never complained or juggled but took it in her stride. 

Suddenly one day, Scarlett overheard a conversation about someone she looked up to had died. Scarlett had never really faced death until this terrible time. This was the day Scarlett died. Scarlett found poison and razors. She lost the fight and began to fade in the dark. Her world fell apart day by day the struggle continued. Her soul was gone and yet she was still standing upright. The constant pain of emptiness was bottomless as if she was constantly falling through the ground. Scarlett could see the world passing by without her. Scarlett tried to scream for people to notice her. If someone turned as if to hear her scream she began to wonder if she could trust people, as they always leave taking everything with them. Scarlett thought to herself if she kept to herself and didn't invest in others she would be safe and never put in the vulnerable position death can put you in. But Scarlett didn't realize at this time. She had died. A part of her was buried and gone. She was never to be the same again. The sporty fun querky girl was dead. Scarlett was something new, something unworthy. Something invisible. Scarlett fought to stay in contact  with reality but failed.  An evil dragon invaded her soul and filled her life with demons instead or angles. 
Scarlett didn't sleep but was never awake. Stuck in time. To feel nothing. Empty as brand new casket. The demons tormenting an empty body were the only things weighing her in the world. Scarlett had to learn to make friends with the demons and stand beside them.
 Piece by piece,  Scarlett continued to fall apart. 
Who was she suppose to be? What was she suppose to do? With everything out of control and the spiral of agony she was caught in was endless. 
Scarlett began to cut herself with glass, with razors, with anything she could find. Cutting made her feel connected and the demons were all too encouraging. 
Scarlett often found herself in the cemetery. Wondering the paths of bones. Scarlett was not afraid. The demons looked after her. Sometimes thy would watch the stars until dawn or count the souls present, all but hers. 
The cemetery was almost a hide and seek game. 
Unfortunately Scarlett was never to find her soul again. 

The day Scarlett died was not the end of her life, but the end of her soul.  


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