Thursday, 16 May 2013


Time for another blabber sesh!
Now that I have dropped out of study and don't have a job I have all this free time to spend however. My aim was to spend the time towards my health so one thing I have done is deactivate my Facebook account. So far so good, if I am looking for something to scroll I go on Pinterest. Who doesn't have Facebook these days? Not many I can assure you and it feels weird not to have it but at the same time I don't miss it. All Facebook ever did was cause me trouble and make me angry by looking at others posts and pictures. Why do I car if your dog has a new toy or you've checked in at Hungry Jacks. Good for you! I don't give a shit!
Texting was the old problem now people would rather be on Facebook chat then actually message people. Facebook is not private and offers the chance for others to interact with to whom they may usually. That's the great thing about Facebook, don't get me wrong, I think Facebook is great, I just don't want it consuming moments of my life unnecessarily.
And what's with all the porn posts and 'like' posts. Talk about drive me insane!! Just what I wanted, porn in my morning breakfast. See Facebook is like the younger generation of the daily paper, only a whole lot worse spelling and actual dramas.
If your reading this, I challenge you do go from Monday to Thursday without Facebook and see how you cope. These are the days you will less notice because you will be focussed on work or other commitments.. unless you are me in which case, blog!

What spiked my interest today to write this blog? Well a girl told me the other day when she found out I didn't have Facebook said how am I going to meet people? What? Because meeting people on Facebook is so real? hundreds of your friends you wouldn't usually talk to in person. I laughed because that is pathetic if not having Facebook my biggest problem is not 'meeting' people. Technically I would be approving friends. How awkward is it Facebooking someone then meeting them in person and if you meet someone in person its "do you have Facebook?" Or "Add me on Facebook?"
I am officially ashamed to be apart of this generation. Im a 90's child but by being so can see the changes occurring for the younger generation which have ALWAYS had google. No floppy disks, pixelated anyting, Nintendo 64 and James Bond, Blues clues and so much more.
Back to Facebook and selfies and tagging and all this other crap. Why do we have this? Is the world about to end? I saw on TV last night the sun is suppose to burn another 5000,00 billion years still
so that's out of the picture but seriously what is our generation going to look like in a nursing home
? All these damn tattoos and piercings and spacer things in ears. Is their an age limit to Facebook? How can people be expected to give it up as they get older if they have grown up with it and know nothing else, like how to start a real conversation or know a good movie, none of this Avatar bullshit and Iron man crap. (I hate Sc-Fi if you couldn't tell). the more I type the more I am shaking my head in disbelief of this world.

I could rant on and on about Facebook, compare pros and cons, and how the habit is addicting but I wont waste my time because I bet you would rather be on Facebook then reading this.

If I get "1.K likes" I'll stop blogging.


Peace, Sarah-Kate 

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