Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ana mind content: warning crazy

I know it's stupid, completely dumb intact and yet the thoughts evade me. The thoughts intrude my mind until its like an alternate person consumes and erodes me. I'm talking about the infamous Anorexia Nervosa, or you might know her as Ana or the demon within. She guilts your every meal you every move. She weights you down on the scales and penetrates your reasonable mind. Ana is with me tonight. First it was just suicidal thoughts then self harm thoughts and now I'm led back to Ana. She likes to win. I binged on Sushi today. Really if my only binge is sushi I shouldn't worry and yet Ana does. A chip is the equivalent of an apple which is the same as one pop corn. Liquid is liquid and food is food, simple yet uncomprehending. If you have never met Ana, none of these words will speak to you. But if you have met her I pray for you to challenge her. It's hard. Hopefully see you on the other side, like those Bupa adverts, find a healthier you, find an Ana-less you. ;)

Peace Sarah-Kate 

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